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Originally Posted by DBKSTONE2 View Post
Hey Madison,

You need to get off your rump and get to building a drift boat!!! You have been talking about it since last year!!! GET TO IT!! You know Madison Boats would be a great place to start a boat manufacturing business. Some of us around here have hard dollars to spend and want to spend them LOCAL. Don't make me get the work whip out!!!
I know bud! Unfortunately; I have been dealing with some other financial situations right now that are taking up most of boat capital money.... I will get it going! I have a killer design that would work great in the Eastern U.S. and I believe the innovations I have added will suit most fly fisherman. I have it and several other designs modeled out in CAD and I am ran them through many analysis programs for stressing, float profile, handling, etc.

I have the charter written for the model and I have a good friend that has volunteered to audit it for me. Also, I want the costs to be affordable to the average-everyday fly fisherman. Coming up with the ideas and designs are easy; but, paying for the patents gets expensive.

*One of the ideas I have been playing with is the use of 'chameleon gel-coat'; one that would change and adjust to the light and surroundings of each river, season, and thwart refraction. I believe it would be a warranty nightmare; but, something very interesting.....

**Forgot to mention that the complete boat will be an RTM Boat and insanely strong - Fiberglass; but, no worries about hitting shoals and rocks.
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