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Allright here is my part one of two on my personal boat experiences and opinions. All of the below I have used enough times to feel comfortable voicing an opinion on.

Drift Boats:

Hyde High Side Combo: Just bought my second, first one lasted 10 years of 60+ trips a year, and was used when I bought it.
Pros-- Rows great (probably the best of the bunch), tracks well, holds well in heavy current, moves with ease in slower water, tough enough (could be a little tougher), front casting deck makes a great place to sit on and recline when things are slow.
Cons---Inside layout is fair, raised decks cause cooler issues with coolers being offset unless you search for the proper size to fit in the trenches, boat sits towards the front of the trailer so moving it around is a burden (heavy).

Hyde Low side Combo:

Pros: None IMO which make it the better choice over a High side
Cons- same as the high side with the added loss of the front deck recliner, and stupidly low sides which the most seaworthy person could pitch over.

Hyde Aluminum High Side:

Pros: Tough as nails, and solidly built.
Cons: Rows like crap, unresponsive and tracks like a wet mop.

Clacka High Side:

Pros: Tougher then Hydes, open level floor design, holds extremely well in fast current.
Cons: Flexi Floor, sluggish to row in flat water, silly leg brace in the back which is like a prison cell. Little if any storage that is dry.

Clacka Low Side:

Pros: Same as above
Cons: Same as above with the addition of being too low and easy to pitch out of.

Yellowstone Drifter 15':
Pros: Great small design which makes it very maneuverable in tight places, nice layout in the inside with open floors, light as a feather and draws little if any water.
Cons: Has a tendency to squat when 3 people are in it, not tough at all, weakest fiberglass boat out there.

Yellowstone 17'
Pros: Big arse boat with lots of room, rows great with 2 or 3 people, and the rest is the same as above.
Cons: Same as above.

Koffler Aluminum:

Pros: Tough as diamonds
Cons: Too many to list, in other words don't waste the coin on this one.

I will do rafts tomorrow, but my personal drift boat preference is Hyde, I like the way they row and now that I have the cooler thing worked out, the issues I had have passed. I could not live without the recliner front deck as well.
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