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Part Two: Soft Boats (Rafts/Catarafts)

Maravia 17' with NRS fishing frame:

Pros: Big, indestructible, and fairly versatile.
Cons: Draws tons of water, pain in the butt to fish out of (constantly hung on something, typical of rafts), sticks to every rock it touches.

Avon 15' NRS fishing frame:

Pros: More maneuverable in low water, tough, and best size for 3 people
Cons: Same as above

Outcast PAC1200:
Pros: Most versatile boat on the market, draws the least of any boat I have seen (3"-4"), fits in a truck bed, can be carried easily by 2 people, ATV of the watercraft world.
Cons: Not the most comfortable boat to fish out of, rower sits low, not designed to cover distances rowing, only handles 2 people

Outcast PAC1600:
Pros: Big/Roomy, handles big mean whitewater with ease, tough, extremely stable
Cons: Sticks to every rock it touches, draws 6"-8" of water, must be trailered, lots to hang line on inside.

Star Bug (Hybrid Raft/Cat):
Pros: All the advantages of both in one
Cons: All the negatives of both in one

Bottom line on soft boats, they are not as easy to fish out of as hard boats, but are perfect for the nastier rivers around. They can take hit after hit with no damage. The cats are nice because they allow for splitting of rocks which would otherwise hang up a raft. They also let water across the decks which is nice to keep you cool during the summer. All rafts draw more water, and are harder to row then a drift boat. The frames on the market all leave a little to be desired, and most for the rafts are floorless, so floors have to be purchased separately.

If I was buying a soft boat tomorrow, it would be one or both of the Outcasts, they are by far more versatile then a full on raft IMO.
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