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I try to do what I feel it's the right thing to do. I know it can be seen as putting a human face on a fish or thinking that a fish is a higher form of a living thing. It's actually more to it than that for me. It's just not sporstmanlike and to exhaust and play with the fish and then just release it to it's own demise. I just don't get anything out of that. I do however understand that for some people this is not a problem. I guess whatever your personal thing is, keep doing it as long as it is legal.

I think it would be ok to fish under those circumstances but mandatory kill should be the norm. Then when you got your limit you have to stop fishing. This would be more ethical in my opinion. Since the fish will mostly not make it during extreme warm water temps, at least with mandatory kill someone could get some use out of it. It's just a personal thing. I'm not that tore up about it, I'll just have a personal code I go by.
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