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Yes sir, a variety of large streamers in tan, black, olive, and white
woolly buggers (tan, white, olive, black)
these can be with cones, or bead heads
san juans blood color
large muddler minnows
egg patterns
red copper johns

We are still putting together the list of all the patterns and there are several of us that are tying up some local stuff that is highly thought of, I figured that the basic stuff would make things easier for those folks kind enough to help out that don't live close. I like streamers, I fish em and stick a bunch of fish there but people do well on midges there too, when I guide the vets I will alternate between streamers and midges under indicators, a lot depends on their talent level as well. We have the stocking folks in our corner and the fish will be hungry to be sure. Thanks so much!

If it swims throw a fly at it!

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