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Default North Georgia Trip

First, thanks to all who responded to my request for information on N GA. Made the trip 1-6 JUN, and fished 2-5 JUN. Camped at Toccoa Valley Campground and started to fish a-noon of WED 2 JUN. Water was slightly muddy, but rained like the proverbial cow most of the night and blew it out. Fished Noontoola Creek THU, and did OK for combat fishing. Just like the Smokies, small streams, smaller natives, etc. FRI hit Cooper's Creek, and also did OK, same type of fishing. Headed to Dahlonega FRI a-noon for a mini-reunion with 509th Parachute Infantry fellow officers, and did get to US Army Mountain Ranger Camp where we all did the 2d Phase of RGR School in 1969. Got to fish SAT on Waters Creek, but full of campers and bait fishers with strings of undersize fish, even tho is restricted stream.

Georgia is serious about trout fishing. GDNR publishes "Trout Streams of Georgia," the by far best state produced map on fishing I have ever seen, and it is full of stuff. If even thinking of going there get a map. Unicoi Outfitters in both Blue Ridge and Helen were very helpful; not quite LRO, but then again, who is? Roads fair in the area; camping seems adequate; people friendly, and lots of streams. Not sure where all the fish are, but also seems to be a lot of info on the internet. Smokies are closer for me, but will not rule out heading back to meet an Atlanta buddy again. Skip Watson
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