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Jim C. is an excellent source for fishing the GSMNP. His knowledge and expertise is outstanding on fishing the rivers & streams in the park.

E TN. has an abundant collection of tailwaters below the various TVA dams in Central and East TN. Reading the posts on this forum will give you recent information on the tailwaters, the fish, flies that are currently "hot" items, etc. Trout streams in NC are close by also.

Another great book to obtain would be Ian Rutter's "Tennessee Trout Waters". Almost all of the trout water is covered, along with Ian's analysis of the water, methods & techniques. Ian also has excellent maps to show the roads, access points to the water, and suggested fishing points on the rivers.

Of course, LRO is also an excellent source for info. Byron, Paula, and Daniel will be great people to get to know, and share information.

Good luck, and welcome to TN.
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