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hw3, sorry i missed your original post.

I'm thinking that if you saw hordes of people on "waters" with stringers of trout, you were actually on Dick's Creek, below ( or above?) where Waters comes in. Unless they've chanced the rules up there, you used to have to check into and out of that stream, and it was watched closer than Dukes ever is. . . I haven't been there since about '2001 though so I dunno. But what you described sounds alot like the normal scene on Dick's creek.

As for the toot, most of the fish are small. However, rest assured you were walking in a stream where the largest wild fish on public land in GA live. The fish in Dukes are stream-born, but I believe they are also fed each week. Same with Waters though, I haven't fished Dukes in almost a decade, so things may have changed there - but I don't see the fish getting to trophy size without supplemental feeding.

Again, wish I would have caught you sooner on this. I'd have gladly PM'd you some other creeks to try in the hot June weather.

And thank you Sir, for your service to your Country!
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