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Lightbulb Mold Making

You could probably make them if you want to use some kind of resin-based product...? Just get a good side profile-picture, print it at several different sizes you are thinking about. Buy some beeswax (look at my fly photos and you will see the yellow beeswax I use) or you can use play-do. Form a nice flat surface and make it deep enough to accommodate half of your fly head. Trace the picture out with a needle by stabbing through the paper in to the mold. Use light pressure; then take an eraser that has been soaking in a cup of water and slowly form your profile by following your pin pattern. Try not to soak the mold; but, I like to keep the erasure cold when doing this. Finally; you can use a bead or something to press a form in an eye. Remember; you are making a negative and if you do not want a formed eye; leave recess when you a form the head for a sticker eye later; etc.

The neat thing about this technique is that you can add vent holes in the head to give the fly turbulence and a bubble trail if you want. You can add gills and scales too....

Spray in a light coating of PAM spray and let dry. Then; mix your resin and pour in to the mold and fit a lead sinker in the back. You may have to layer the resin to keep the sinker from falling through..? You can buy nice mold putty at the hobby shops so that you do not have to redo the mold every time. You will have to make two of these and glue them together. Use a fine dremel or some fine sandpaper to clean up the head.

There are better ways to make these. If you plan on selling them; you may want to make a lead mold-nasty....

Hope this helps; you can make a mold of anything with techniques like this. I put my cellphone in a plastic wrap and forced it in to a mold to make a cellphone holder once. Once you paint it; it looks great and like plastic.
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