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Millerdvr--Bullhead went into a downward spiral a good many years back, and while I haven't fished it in the last couple of years (and won't), others tell me it is basically a waste of money now (and prices recently went up, I believe).
As for the privacy of a beat, that's a real plus, but most of those beats were of a length which the average angler would cover in no more than two hours.
Poaching, too much popularity, quite possibly to little attention from the NCWRC, and a host of other problems have made Bullhead a far cry from what it was before the state acquired it and, for that matter, for the first few years after the state had control.
I may be wrong, but I seem to recall that part of the agreement when the land was acquired was that the state had to maintain it as a fine trophy fishery. A lawyer could make a very sound argument that agreement (if one did indeed exist) has been broken.
Jim Casada
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