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Smile I thought sarcasm was easily read by mountain folk

Originally Posted by Jim Casada View Post
duckypaddler--Your post reads (at least to this one example of mountain folk) as if antimycin doesn't kill insects. It is my understanding that it pretty well wipes out everything in a stream (crayfish, spring lizards, as we mountain folks call salamanders, Devil's knitting needles, a.k.a. know as snake feeders, and insects in general. Is that a misconception? Also, I mentioned some of the inhabitants of mountain streams by their colloquial names just to make a point that we mountain folk, say what you will about our lack of scientific understanding, have a real knack for using descriptive terms. Even the slowest of woods colts would know that (and if you know what a woods colt is I'll give you full marks, betting, as I mention the term, that there are those of lurk in these precincts who will know).
Jim Casada
I'm sorry you didn't take my comments as sarcasm. While science is one path to the truth, I have learned plenty of truths from good ole boys with practical experience. I was referring to your point about the poisoning be neutralized, and that science is hard to understand (me included). As for you question about killing insects, I am just a newbie trout fisherman and surely not an entomologist so I am in no way qualified to answer, but here is a quote from the previous link I sent you below.

I have no idea what wood colt is, but I do know the fishing on Buck Fork is heavenly right now! As far as terms go. I thought of a new one after my adventure to Buck Fork - Rhodo-Shins. It's when you have bruises from you ancles to your knees

Degrades into naturally
occurring compounds such as antimyctic acid, blastmycic acid, and lactone all of which are harmless to people at these low concentrations (Hussain 1969).

ee separate projects indicates antimycin treatment has minimal short-term (<6 months) and NO long-term (>6 months) impacts on aquatic insects (Walker 2003)
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