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duckypaddler--Thanks for the clarification on the insects, and from the info you provide it appears they do indeed die. Tht leads to the obvious question of whether the streams ecosystem ever returns to what it was. The whole restoration program is fraught with "ifs," and that is why I remain quite skeptical even as I hope against hope it works. One reason for my skepticism is history--the Park (and today's biologists will admit as much) got a lot of things wrong in the past. Two examples are the use of rotenone in early speck restoratin efforts and the Abrams Creek debacle. On top of that, they did a great deal of stocking of 'bows, northern strain specks, and even in one case browns in years past.
Frankly I wasn't sure whether you were writing in jest or suggesting I didn't have a clue. Scientifically the latter conclusion would be the accurate one, but there's something to be said for many decades of first-hand observation from a practical naturalist's standpoint. That I do have.
Jim Casada
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