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Charlie--I'm intimately familiar with Road Prong--I fish it at least a couple of times every year--and you are right about the distribution of specs and bows. My point was that I don't recall it having been the focus of a restoration effort. As for being closed, yes it was at one time. But so were literally dozens of other Park streams, and the vast majority of them have not received restoration efforts. Many aren't suitable inasmuch as they don't have the right kind of barrier (of course Road Prong does, in fact multiple ones). They just had natural speck populations, and Park biologists finally realized that human predation (i. e., catching and keeping specks) has no significant impact on the stream population That's why streams were re-opened.
Bear Creek isn't terribly skinny water and that's why I'd like to have a status report. It's been long enough since it was poisoned for there to have been a follow up, but if it has taken place I've heard nothing about it.
Jim Casada
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