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nvr2L8--Thanks. I'll drop the guy an e-mail and also send one to Matt Kulp. My interest goes beyond the personal, although that's keen enough. I'm working on a book project on specks. It's still somewhat vaguely defined but will follow a similar path to my book on the Smokies in terms of approach and coverage. In other words there will be considerable history, lots of anecdotal information, and detailed focus on specks. A key part of the latter area will obviously be things such as the restoration project, problems with Anakeesta Rock, the interaction between specks and man (logging in yesteryear, the Road to Nowhere in today's world, the issue of long-time stream closures an why that came to an end, etc.).
Incidentlly, if forum readers have thoughts on any of this please share them.
Jim Casada
P. S. You may (or may not be wrong on Road Prong). I was just saying that if it was a focus of restoration efforts, I never knew about it. Surely some reader knows the answer.
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