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Originally Posted by pineman19 View Post

Thanks for the input on the action of the rod, really huge for me. Than can be a lot of difference in moderate-fast graded rods IMO. I don't care for noodle rods, a little backbone is nice, but faster (stiffer) action rods don't feel or work for me on the mountain steams. I'll probably buy one or two 4 pc blanks and build them during the winter to keep the cabin fever at bay

I have a Winston BIIt and 2 Scott G2 rods. If you're familiar with their actions I will try to compare it to them.

Out at the tip, the Tiger Eye is similar to the Winston but the Winston is a little stiffer from about 2/3 way back to the butt. I would say the Winston has a little more backbone but the last 2/3 of the actions are pretty similar (the Tiger Eye may be just a bit softer)

When compared to the Scott G2, I think it's a little softer all the way through than the Scott, but not by much. The Scott rods I have (a 9' 5wt and an 8'4" 3wt) are what I would call medium fast and a little more "crisp".

Pineman, it's hard for me to find the right words to describe a fly rod action. I'm not like these guys in the magazines that can say "smooth like the touch of silk upon the delicate edge of a bar of solid milk chocolate" or some such nonsense.

I guess what I would say is the Tiger Eye balnk my son has compares favorably to the other rods I have of similar size and fly line weight and it sure is a pretty rod.

I have a Cabela's Traditional I rod in 8'6" 5wt and the Tiger Eye is similar but I would say the Cabela's rod is a little more "sloppy" (The cabela's rod "wiggles" a little more at the end of the cast where the Tiger Eye more just stops and "wiggles" very little).

Anyway, I know I'm no creative writer able to create vivid images with words but I hope this has been helpful for you.

I did hear from a rod builder friend a month or so back that several of the 4 piece Tiger Eye blanks were on back order from the manufacturer. Not sure if that is still the case as it was about a month or so back when I was talking with him.


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