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Sam--This sort of thing is one of the aspects of Park bureaucracy which I find maddening. Surely someone in a position of authority could have looked at the project, obtaned estimates from the contractor (or whoever is doing the work) on the amount of time required, and set that as a goal That's how things work in the real world of business, and I've always felt that Park authorities fall short in the efficiency area. Alas, I think that's true of governments and bureaucrats in general.
Do you know what all was to be done on Roaring Fork? When I last traveled the road (last summer) it seemed to me to be in quite good shape compared with some other Park roads of a similar nature. I know it gets lot of traffic, but when you look at it and the trails in that area being off limits, and then add those you've alerted us to in your post, first thing you know you have a good bit of territory closed.
That being said, it wasn't nearly as bad as shutting out most anyone and everyone who wasn't a big wig during some of the 75th anniversary celebrations. For a Park which was supposed to be for the people (and which a lot of little people helped establish), that was flat-out shameful.
Thanks for the info even though obviously we are all in a quandary right now.
Jim Casada
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