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I have found with my son Jack who will be 5 in August that he isn't ready for a fly rod but what I do is I took his little short kids zebco (spider man) rod and removed the spinning reel and line from it. Then I tied on about 4 feet of heavier tippet to the rod tip end like 6x and a very small nymph with the barb mashed down real good. I let him get behind a rock and fling it over into the pool. He hasn't caught any yet trying this but only did it once for a couple of minutes. I think it will work good though and I did catch a fish with it using that technique while he was looking for salamanders and then I let him hold and release the fish which he got a huge kick out of. Like these other guys have said if he and I fish for an hour it really is about 5 mins of fishing and 55 minutes of playing, looking for salamanders or crawdads, and or throwing rocks. Another tip is don't bring your rod just his. It is really too hard to try and fish when watching after a kid of that age. I find that I have to hold his rod most of the time anyway so I just fish together with him using it if I fish at all. Its all fun though! We will be staying at Smokemont tomorrow night and maybe will fish a few minutes on bradley fork. He likes to hike and explore more right now.
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