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I'm the proud Dad of three beautiful daughters. I have been taking them to the woods-n-water since they were all old enough to trample around with me. My oldest (15) loves being outdoors but isnt that much of a fisherlady. She loves to go with me and take photo's and hike, but rather watch me fish.
My middle daughter (11) already fly fishes and loves it. She's a die-hard fisherlady. I bought her her own fly rig about 2 years ago and she does quite well with it.
My youngest daughter (9) is also a die-hard fisherlady. She hasnt graduated fully to a fly rod yet but is learning. She recently landed her first spec on the fly and is hooked! She's been doing very well with a spinning rig for a couple years now. Both my middle and youngest daughters seem to be "big fish magnets". Every time we go, they always seem to catch the biggest fish of the day. Their enthusiasm and love for life is a real inspiration for me and they love the outdoors. I take it easy with them and go at their pace. We've spent some awesome times together in the woods and streams and it's times I'l never, ever forget.

My youngest, on a backcountry stream:

My middle daughter:

The oldest:

I love my girls!
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