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DarrinG--Great stuff and delightful photos. If only more parents traveled a road similar to yours we wouldn't have to worry about "Last Child in the Woods." Along with marking what is potentially a lifetime path of pleasure for your daughters to travel, you are building up a rich storehouse of memories.

Does you missus fish? Mine doesn't but loves the outdoors. In fact, years ago she broke an ankle while we were camped at Bumgardner Branch (the lowest campsite on Deep Creek), and the ensuing ordeal gave me new insight on dealing with emergencies in the backcountry. Basically, I made a sort of crutch, took a bit of a shortcut involving two old fords, and by carrying her pack a way and leaving it, then going back and helping her (our dauther, who was aobut 10 at the time, helped a bit as well), we made the three-mile trek out. Now it's a fond memory.
Keep up the good work with the girls.
Jim Casada
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