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Smile Brookie Blasphemy

I know this post won't sit well with some of you, but hopefully you will understand that it's really better for the stream anyway and not get too uptight. I'm sure many others will see it as just a great pasttime and will share their recipes (or books they wrote about it).

Anyway this catch was all from Sam's creek on the 16th of this month and I would like to thank the fisheries department for my feast. While I don't ever eat fish (wife loves them), I decided to even try a few bites myself. I will agree it had no fishy taste, but the texture was still tough going for me Wife eat every bite though!

While I have fished this creek a dozen times this year it is only the second time I have taken anything home (took 2 the other time). I was a bit disgusted with myself when I cut into a nice 8.5 incher only to find eggs. From them on I tried to only keep males.

Wife can't eat with their heads on so we went headless!

Roll them in Corn Meal (after salt + pepper of course!)

And into the frying pan ( I prefer peanut oil)

And ready to enjoy!

A Great Meal after a great day
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