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Thanks fellas.
Jim, Yes, my sweet wife also fishes, although she just dont get the time to go very much. She's as busy a person as I've ever seen. We homeschool our children and she takes it VERY seriously. When she gets the time, we enjoy going out on the river occasionally.

My sweetheart:

I've got a family full of fisherladies, and I love every second of it. Most young girls talking to my daughters ask them the normal "girl" stuff and if they like dolls, etc, and they usually start telling them about catching smallies or specs or floating the river in our cataraft. Not "normal" girlie stuff! Some of the young boys seem a little intimidated by girls that know their stuff about fishing....but Dad is proud

One thing I've learned taking 3 youngsters into the backwoods is to slow down and take your time. Push them too hard and it becomes more of a chore to them that fun. let them set the pace, whether hiking in or on the stream. Stop and turn over rocks and investigate the beautiful world or Creator blessed us with. Kids will see things and notice stuff that most adults will look right over...and their enthusiam for wild things is simply amazing.
Mark 1:17
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