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DarrinG--Kudos to the missus for home schooling. Sadly, and this comes from someone who taught for 28 years (although all but three of those years were as a university professor, not in the trenches of public schools), public schools in most parts of the country have gone to the dogs (or the politically correct, or left-wing nuts, or ACLU types, or -----add your own category). One thing for certain--properly hom schooled kids get a better education. The only real drawback is soclialization, and that is easily handled through scouts, clubs, churches, and the like. My sister-in-law home schooled their four kids. The three boys were all Eagle Scouts, and the girl (the youngest) is a college honors student. The oldest boy is a truck driver and owns his own rig even though he's well short of 30, the middle boy is a graduate student in a ministeral program, and the youngest lad is working on a Ph. D. in music. I don't think they suffered educationally.

As for taking your time with the youngsters, that's spot on. Equally true is that it behooves all of us to stop and savor our surroundings. The fishing is only part of it.

It's heartening for me to know there are still caring, committed parents out there, because I sometimes despair for the future of this country, and that has never been more true than at present.

Forgive me for wandering afield a bit from fishing, but to me a kid raised with a meaningful connection to the good earth, and that certainly includes fishing, has a far greater likelihood of a productive life, and a much smaller likelihood of going astray, than one stuck in a technological rut.

Jim Casada
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