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Originally Posted by ifish4wildtrout View Post
That must be a rough hike out. #60 to #59 just about killed me.
The hike from #60 to the top of the ridge is just about as steep as the last 1.1 miles out of Deep Creek. The difference is that the hard part of the hike from #60 to the top of the ridge is only about half a mile where the last part of the hike out from #53 is over a mile.

Plus the entire hike out is much worse than the hike to #59. On average you are gaining about 104' per mile on the way up to #59 (across 5 miles). From #53 to US441 is an average of 440' gained per mile hiked (across 3.9 miles). Its on average, much steeper.

For comparison, I can usually hike out from #53 is about 2 hours (less than 2 miles per hour), and I can make it to #59 in 1.5 hrs (about 3.3 miles per hour)...


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