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Jim- Thanks for the kind words and advice. Focus on smaller streams has been a current goal for me ever since I read your book. I very much enjoyed meeting you and getting my book signed at Troutfest. I think the main problem I had last year was simply not have a resource to know where and how to explore some of the watersheds that aren't traced by road. Your book really for me opened up a lot of possibilities, because the information provided really paints an accurate description of the streams and the waypoints/elevation charts really have helped in that I have a good idea about what kind of water I can expect to fish when I go to an area that I haven't been to before. Add to that the reports and pictures that other members have posted here, and I feel like I can enter a new stream with more confidence and more realistic expectations about what the experience will be like. All that to say, because of these factors, I have been catching more fish, improving my technique, and exploring new areas of the park, that I might otherwise not have done. And I have you and many others here to thank for that.

Tn boy -

I have lived in many parts of Texas, but I grew up in the sweaty armpit known as Houston. I spent almost 9 years in college/grad school in Waco, which is more hilly than the Houston area, but not exactly the hill country. All that to say, after visiting my inlaws, who moved here in 2003, many times we knew that we love it here. My wife and I both love the mountains and really the only things we miss about Texas are the people (friends and family still there) and occasionally the food (you can't find Tex-Mex like it here).

Thanks for the kind welcomes, everyone!
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