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Does it count if you nearly step on a sleeping Griz in the bush? That happened to me
last week on the upper Brooks river in Alaska. I had slipped climbing a bank and had fallen
a little bit behind my buddies. I heard one of them say theres a bear. They had gotten
by him. I was still about even. He woke up and he and I were eye to eye bearly 10 ft apart. He stood up and wolfed at me and my buddies and the guide started yelling at him
the guide started towards him with Bear spray aimed at him. Lucky he looked at the others when they started yelling and took a step or two back which allowed me to get by him. Old Paul was wondering if he was going to made it to 61 in Feb. for a few seconds. Lesson learned: Let sleeping Grizs lie and don't be last in line in the Alaskian bush.
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