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Smile I personally don't do Road or West Prongs

Originally Posted by nvr2L8 View Post

At what level do you break out the kayak?
They are solid Class 5 runs. I have buddies who get at least 50 laps down it a year though.

As for kayakable levels they are tight on both these runs. 1.7 at Chimneys in min and by the time you get to 2.4 it's already maxed out, although madmen get on it higher all the time (they have every move memorized which is what you need at 15 mph down the river)

I'd guess 3 feet is somewhere near a min for Road Prong but I'm sure there is a better stick guage on site.

1.2 was my fishing max, but .8 feels like the perfect level from what I remember
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