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Default Bullhead Decline

It's sad to hear. I've not heard much about Bullhead in some time. I fished it once in 1995. A buddy and I slept overnight in the back of a van at the gate to the State Park to get in hopefully first. We were fortunate to get beats #1 & #2. I believe it cost $4. I remember the creek was so small and each beat was probably 100 yds or so long. We took our time and fished the pools slowly only after spotting large browns first. The first pool I fished, I hooked something. My buddy said I was hung on a tree. I proved him wrong by walking into the water when the trout bolted into the next beat! We both walked away with several HUGE browns that day!

The good news is there are still places around with big fish to be caught. All they require is a state license and sometimes a trout stamp!

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