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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
I would like to say yes, but not really. I think I will try grilling them next time. I think the fry and oil really cancelled out any taste difference that I could tell anyway.
I like to roll them in foil like a hobo pack. First butter the trout, salt and lemon pepper with a spritz of lemon juice. Put them on the grill about 7 mins. per side (depending on the size of the fish). Then near the end open the foil packs to let some of the water cook off and the smoke from the charcoal will add a little more flavor. Close the foil to preserve the heat.
When you plate the fish and it is still hot, just rake your fork along the direction of the rib cage.If you do it right the meat will flake right off of the bone and the skeleton can be tossed aside, then enjoy the sweetness.
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