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Default night on the hillside

what a night. couple of nights ago i got stranded on the wrong side of the river. in between elkmont and metcalf i waded across the stream, fell in, wasn't catching any fish and somehow believed i would later on. my gut instinct at the time was to just leave. i should have. the sky was somewhat cloudy but nothing too serious looking overhead. i worked upstream about half a mile or so and suddenly noticed that the water was latte colored. i chugged back to where i originally crossed, i thought, and couldn't see bottom anywhere. 845 pm and i was a little concerned. luckily, i thought at the time, i parked near a bridge so i'll just climb over a boulder and down to the bridge and back to the jeep. wrong. hill was way too steep and slick (recent drizzle, nothing heavy where i was). so i wiggled back down and realized it was pitch dark. and my flashlight quit working. i had nothing but a camera, a fly vest and a fishing pole. and wet clothes. tried for an hour or so but couldn't get any kind of fire going, even with the lighter i had. i had gathered some sticks before my light died and was able to use them as a semi-blanket. so...6 am rolled around and i could finally see stream bottom. waded across easily and made it to work at 11 that morning. i'm never venturing out so unprepared again. no matter how far i go. i slept less than a 100 feet from my ride. what a night....
anyone else got stranded stories?
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