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First of all I would just like to say how much I appreciate the help and support that I have gotten as a result of this posting. Our main large scale event is in Sept. That said we take Vet's fishing on an almost weekly basis. Last week we took a handful of Vets (including the head of the Purple-Hearts Association for Western NC) to a warm-water location and went after bass and bream. Nancy, who was one of the first female Marines to ever been injured in combat was able in attendance. We were able to get her chair to the water and she caught her first bass and bream on a flyrod. Whats even better is my friend Cecil Tiller, who I have never met personally but who contributed a large container of bass flies to our group, tied the flies she was using. I will try and post a pic of her and her catch but I need to get her permission first as the VA has some rules with that. Thanks go out to all of you who have been so gracious. It has been amazing to me the way the Lord has put the people who I/we need in front of me now that I am so involved with this organization and for me it is a testament to the fact that when you let God be in control incredible things happen on a daily basis. I have told others and will state it again, we will use anything anyone offers. thanks to TFO and their sponsorship we have about 5 rods rigged up in our kit, plus of course myself and my guide/volunteers have a bunch too, waders and boots are somewhat of an issue but it's wet wade time right now and Orvis has us covered with rods reels and waders sets for the Sept event. Flies, anything is great! we will use it I promise you, I am in charge of guides and helping us from not fishing exclusively out of our own boxes is a big help. For anyone interested just send me an email or call or post something. I truly appreciate all of the wonderful people who have answered the call to help these brave heroes who allow us to hang out and talk fishing non-stop, God Bless our Troops, God Bless America, and God bless all of you, Thank you

Barry Murphy
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"Healing Those Who Serve"
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Barry Murphy
828-400-3335 (Cell)
"Healing Those Who Serve"
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