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Thought I'd use this thread, since geographically it is appropriate, to share my experience today on Deep Creek. As a boy I fished the Jenkins Fields and on up to the turnaround on this stream literally hundreds of times, so I know every pothole. I decided to relive my boyhood a bit today. Didn't get there at dawn, which would be ideal, but I've got some duties associated with my father (who will turn 101 in two weeks) which limit my ability to get away at daylight.
Anyway, as I expected in this heat, the fishing was so-so. I caught a good many trout--didn't count but perhaps 20-25, mostly rainbows--and kept a limit for Dad and me to eat tomorrow. Two interesting things happened. I didn't see another angler other than a spincaster fishing a big pool close to the trailhead and a fellow who was probably a local walking out as I was walking in (around 9:30 a.m.). But the really interesting development took place just above the bridge at the upper end of the Jenkins fields (last bridge). A medium-sized bear, perhaps 150 pounds, came tearing across the creek about 25 yards in front me me like his tail was on fire or hounds were on his behind. I watched and waited to see what had occasioned this, but saw nothing. Sometimes a really big bear will chase a youngster and I thought that might happen. What is noteworthy is that this is the lowest down the stream I've ever seen a bear in all my years of fishing Deep Creek. Maybe an anomaly but based on my brother's experiences (he's an avid hiker who probably averages 30-40 miles a week on Park trails) there are just a lot more bears than there used to be. He sees one or two almost every outhing. Part of that, of course, is hiking alone and not making noise. Much more likely to see 'em that way.
Fishing's tough right now--in the spring, covering the amount of water I did, I'd be disappointed not to catch 40+ fish and see or hook at least one good one. The biggest fish I saw all day was a brown of maybe a foot.
Not that I think it makes much difference, but I caught most fish on an inchworm pattern and the rest on an Elkhair caddis.
Jim Casada
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