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Default What's the difference between the local TU chapters?

I think I'd like to join one of the local TU chapters, but I'm a little bit curious as to why there are three different chapters so close together. In the little bit of poking around that I've done, I've figured out that the Little River Chapter in Maryville split off from the Great Smoky Mountain Chapter in Knoxville to work with the Park Service to improve the fishery in the park, but what does the GSM chapter do now? Was the split amicable (unlike many of the typical church splits that we won't talk about here)? And what about the Clinch River chapter. I'm really more interested in the mountain streams than the tailwaters, but I don't know that I want to focus exclusively on the GSMNP. So, what do you folks recommend? Or should I just sit in on a chapter meeting or two with each group and see which one feels better?
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