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Originally Posted by old east tn boy View Post
Welcome Stana Claus! Ex Houston refugee here back home where I belong but enjoyed my stay back in the early 80's. Spent two years in a sky scraper doing consulting engineering work till the recession hit town. Best thing about the Houston area was Galveston Island, loved that place, absolutely great sea food at some of those beachfront restaurants.

As you have discovered this is a great place to gather advice and swap tall tales. Good luck with fly tying, its fun and is a second best to fishing when you can't get to water. Keep trying the Clinch, it'll pay off soon.
I was working for Bechtel in Houston when my daughter was born and decided I didn't want to raise a child there. Plus we had horses at the time and couldn't afford to buy any acreage that was less that an hour and a half commute to and from work. Fortunately for us, Bechtel had an office up here in Oak Ridge and I was able to swing a transfer. We fell in love with this area and you couldn't get me to leave now for love nor money.

The one thing I do miss though is the food. Anything you wanted from anywhere around the world, there was a restaurant that served it and served it well. Up here everything is cooked to death and covered in brown gravy, and catsup is thought to be spicy!
Fly fishing - it's cheaper than a bass boat!
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