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They always say that those kinda situations creep up on you... nobody expects to get stranded, otherwise you'd just head on out before dusk. Thanks for the reminder about being prepared. I've slacked on remembering my Sure Fire flashlight the last few fishing trips, and a good light will go a long way in that kinda situation.

Regarding getting a fire started, I always leave a couple of these Esbit liquid fuel blocks ( in my pack, along w/ a lighter, some dryer lint in a ziploc baggy, and a fire striker just in case the lighter gets wet. They light easily with a lighter/small flame off some dryer lint, and they'll burn even if they get wet. Flame usually lasts about 10 minutes, which is plenty of time to get a flame going. We got caught in some VERY soggy weather up on Gregory Bald one weekend while backpacking, and the Esbit tabs were the difference between getting a fire going and sitting around in the dark. You can get them at Blue Ridge for about $10.

Anywho, glad everything worked out in the end!
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