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This could make some folks mad, so I will try to tiptoe in with what little tact I posess.

Both the Little River and GSM chapters have done some really worthwhile things in the past. Notably the GSM championed the Quality Zone on the Clinch years ago, which was overturned by pressure from another organization known as LUCRO. Both have been heavily involved in projects in the Park over the years. I have not been to a TU meetings in eons, but they used to be a heck of alot of fun and informative.

The Clinch chapter is a different story. What started as a good chapter which sponsored river cleanups, and bank restoration projects became infiltrated by LUCRO the very organization which aims to never have any sort of special management on the river. The river clean-up projects were great, except for the tire removal aspect. What none of the people understood was that by removing the tires valuable habitat was lost. When we were hauling tires into our drift boats it was amazing the numbers of sculpins and stuff which used the tires as cover. We also, reared 700,000 fingerling rainbows a year for 3 years, which were raised from fish spawning in Clear Creek.

This is my opinion, the Clinch Chapter as of late seems to do nothing for the river. There are no more river clean ups, no more bank projects, no work done on the tribs in relation to spawning assistance. Several of their members came out in serious opposition to the new Slot limits, and several of their members have been witnessed and reported violating the slot limit on the Clinch as recently as last week. Some of this is third hand info, so take it for its worth.

If I was wishing to join one of the chapters I would look at the GSM or Little River. They have their priorities right IMO.
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