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Default True Enough

Originally Posted by Oldman View Post
The best thing anyone can carry while fishing or doing anything in the woods,backcountry or wherever, is some common sense. Spending the night on the far side of the stream aint near as bad as try ing to swim across and not making it.
Although the river only peaked at 2.2 that night, which should be easy enough to cross back in many places (still a below minimum level for a kayak), although you might get a bit wet. We all know hind sight is 20/20, and I bet he'll pay more attention to specific places to cross so that if the water muddies up next time he will still be able to cross without too much danger. While I always carry an emergency pack when I go backcountry (most of my fishing), but never considered taking it roadside. While this experience does teach me just as many things can happen roadside as in the backcountry, I'm still pretty sure I would have swam back and stashed the rod if need be. Wet and home sure beats sleeping with camping gear. Even in the winter you should be able to get back to your car before hypothermia sets in. Just my 2 cents from a hindsight position. Although like my fishing buddy says, "Live to fish another day"
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