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I worked just a few miles from the russian river confluence (Kenai River Sportfishing Lodge). The area around the russian river ferry is very crowded (Definition of combat fishing). IMHO if you are doing any DIY days take the russian ferry across and walk downstream away from the Russian river confluence. Less than a mile walk will get you away from the pistol toting bud slamming anchorage crowds into relative solitude, and just as many fish. Bear city though so just be prepared to act wisely. As for the Russian I never actually fished up it myself. The water is clear rather than the glacial blue of the Kenai which is nice. Plus the Russian is easily accessible from the Russian River campground which is cheaper than taking the ferry. You can walk downstream like I mentioned above from the campground and skip the ferry it is just a longer walk.

Russian River Bears with salmon.

My Buddy fishing 25 Yards from the rr confluence note the mixing of clear and cloudy water.
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