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Grannyknot - A long time ago my wife & I were pretty seriously into canoe tripping, so much so that I bought a new 17' Old Town Tripper and customized it to suit us. I bought a couple of extra thwarts that come long and you cut to size to put where you want them. I then bent some hangers out of flat metal strips to drop the seats a couple of inches lower (lower center of gravity, more stability) and moved both seats forward a few inches to better balance the load. I then mounted in some plastic tractor-style seats and padded them with 1/4" foam padding. Turned out to be the most comfortable boat I've ever paddled.

The pertinent part to your situation is, you should be able to find generic thwarts/yokes/seats at pretty much any shop that sells canoes. You can then cut everything to length to fit pretty much where ever you want to put it. I would try places like River Sports Outfitters or Blue Ridge Mountain Sports in Knoxville, or the Nantahala Outdoor Center in Bryson City, NC. Maybe even Gander Mountain or Bass Pro Shops.

Oops, just noticed the date on this one. So, did you ever find the parts you needed?
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