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Originally Posted by todd_grainger View Post
Walked up Lynn Camp today in search of some nice water to fish when I saw that it is closed to fishing for Brook re-introduction. I was not aware of that taking place. My questions are these
1.) How long has that been closed?
2.) When do they anticipate that it will re-open?
3.) How are the efforts going?
4.) Do they plan on doing other such re-introductions in the future on nearby creeks like Sams or Thunderhead?
and 5.) How high of a water fall is required to be a sufficient "barrier" to fish getting upstream? (That one came to me as I was looking at the large water fall there on Lynn Camp.
1 1.5 to 2 years
2 2 to 3 years (unless problems occour)
3 Look at my posts and others in fisheries management & Biology
4 Sam's already done and Thunderhead has no barrier
5 I'm really not sure but a couple of 12 to 15 footers keep out the Rainbows on Road Prong

There's my short answer at 2:30 AM Good Night

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