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Cube, I used to live out there and there are others the board that have lots of experience out there as well, so before I answer, let me ask a few questions that will help us narrow down your choices:

- What type of fishing do you prefer: Tailwaters, Big Rivers (Tellico and Larger), medium stream (Think LR at Elkmont or lower Deep Creek) or tight casting "Brookie Streams"?

- Are you sold on Vail or are you open to some other possibilities?

- Some places in the high-country are getting snow in October (Vail ski resort tries to open before Thanksgiving each year), can you go early in the month or even the end of Sept (Southern CO may be a better choice if you have to go in October)?

- Do you want to Car-camp, backpack, campground camp, motel-camp or rough-it at the Beaver Creek Hyatt?

Going late in October may limit you somewhat if you want to do much in the high-country. Vail wouldn't be my fisrt choice for a base camp for two reasons. 1) Its expensive and 2) there aren't as many good streams as other parts of the state. Gore Creek, empties into Eagle Creek which empties into the Colorado River. They all can be good to great, but there is a lot more diversity in other areas...

Very few places in Colorado get really crowded even during the "prime months" of July/August (with the exception of the Roaring Fork, Colorado River in spots, Dream Stream, South Platte and a few other tailwaters near large cities).

If you want unguided I would stay away from the tailwaters and larger streams. They have huge fish and in good numbers, but you would need to float and a good guide to put you on the best areas. The exceptions might be the Gunnison and Taylor Rivers, which are wadeable in spots but can be very technical. I believe PA has caught some brutes out of those streams, but he's part brown trout himself ...If you can catch big browns on the Caney, you might be able to swing it on one of those two waters.

Personally I like 10-14+" relatively unintelligent trout like Cutts and Brookies in high mountain streams. Colorado is silly with places to find fish like that, but Vail isn't really one of those places.

Enough rambling, let me know some of your preferences and I can dial in some advice...

BTW, I'm headed to the Flattops Wilderness (above Glenwood Springs) for 4 days and the Wemuniche Wilderness (below Creede) for an additional 4 days next month, so if you have interest in either of those locations I can give you some good advice, as well. One will be car camping, the other backpacking...

So many places, so little time...

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