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Question My question still stands

Originally Posted by PeteCz View Post
You can get a free account at and upload up to 500MB for pictures. Right now I have about 170 pictures uploaded and am only using 6% of my allowable space.

You can create public albums and then embed the link to that album in your signature line. That way you can store a lot more pictures and everyone can link to them from any of your posts.

Yes I realize other places host photos, but was wondering if I could hold more than 50 pictures here on this site (About 6MB)? If not, I will probably just post a link here, and just start using facebook like the rest of humanity. I just know some people don't like to have to log in, or form an account, and it's just easier to have pics already embedded. So then you will ask why not just use shutterfly or something that doesn't use an account? My answer is my life is too busy to post here, upload to shutterfly, individually link pics, etc.

So the question I still can't seem to get answered is - Can I keep more than 50 pics in my Albums or not? Can someone please answer

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