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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
So are you saying I post too many pictures? If so which ones should I eliminate? I take maybe 50 & post 12 to 16 max. I try to keep them quality, but it's hard to match the standards of some on this board
DP No need to get your spray skirt in a bind. Apparently you took offense to something you thought I said.

If you care to go back and skim through my posts on this particular thread not once did I call you out for posting too many pictures or say that your pictures were not worthy of being up on the fridge.

I did say that maybe not ever picture that is taken needs to be posted. Not being a computer genius, I imagine that posts with a lot of pictures takes up space that LRO has to pay for and/or store. I also mentioned that I try to only post pictures that are of good quality and that are interesting. I said nothing about any of your pictures being shabby.

I also thanked you for emailing Paula about increasing the number of pictures that can be posted.

jasonkelkins at yahoo dot com
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