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Originally Posted by GrouseMan77 View Post
DP No need to get your spray skirt in a bind. Apparently you took offense to something you thought I said.

If you care to go back and skim through my posts on this particular thread not once did I call you out for posting too many pictures or say that your pictures were not worthy of being up on the fridge.

I did say that maybe not ever picture that is taken needs to be posted. Not being a computer genius, I imagine that posts with a lot of pictures takes up space that LRO has to pay for and/or store. I also mentioned that I try to only post pictures that are of good quality and that are interesting. I said nothing about any of your pictures being shabby.

I also thanked you for emailing Paula about increasing the number of pictures that can be posted.
Not really offended, just trying to figure out what you were saying. I use my photos to help tell my story and thought if I put in a bunch of crap no one wants to see then tell me and I won't put it there. I'm sorry if I misread your statement as one to me and no just a generalization It has taking me 2 years to fill up my space in my albums, and like my original post said I have already eliminated all irrevelent pics. I am also not a computer genius, but with low res photos whether I take up 12 MB or 6 MB shouldn't matter with large hard drives these days as a cost issue. I have gotten 18 responses to this post and still have yet to get an answer to my question so please forgive me for my frustration.

Sure would be nice if a future response by someone actually answers my question.

And while I have yet to jump into the Facebook world, I was recently at my grandmother's funeral (Was an airplane mechanic in WWII) and found all my relatives keep up with eachother pretty well leavong me feeling out of the loop. While I have refused to embrace this in the past, I'm starting to feel like the only guy still using a slide ruler
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