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Default Thanks for trying

I have had the misfortune of running into similar situations and it is anything but fun. Once after a 500 plus mile trip from Florida to fish and only get sknuked, it was especially annoying to see all the corn cans and worm tubs strewn streamside along Treemont.

Once at Elkmont I pulled off as a man and his wife were pulling in a huge Bow and went over for a look only to have the guy say, we caught a big one earlier. He opened his creel to reveal a 20 plus inch Brown. I then noticed they had a tub of worms they were using for bait. I mentioned to them, or asked them, if they realized it was illegal to use live bait in the park and they responded by saying no one had told them and they had in fact mentioned their intention to fish in the park to the gas station where they bought their bait...and no one said anything. The acted and look at me as if I and what I had said was suspect, but the wife walked over to their car for a few minutes only to return with a copy of rules and regulations. I overheard her tell her husband, "he's right" and they quickly packed up and left.

Ignorance is no excuse, but it should be a given that merchants who sell bait and licenses should say something. I know that LRO warned or informed me when we bought our first license to fish the area and the park.
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