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My experience in being checked is very similar to Jim's, once in 20 years, and that on a delayed harvest stream outside the park. I've never seen a ranger in the backcountry, except for the staff that makes the daily run to Hazel Creek. The Hazel Creek crew seems to be involved in maintenance and field work, and I've had them drive by me numerous times without stopping to monitor my fishing.

I believe we'd all like to see better caretaking and protection of our park. I'm concerned not only about the fishing but the camping abuse that is rampant along the Fontana shoreline. A ranger could make a good living writing tickets for weekend campers who have set up adjacent to many of the stream outlets into the lake. Many times, their motto seems to be "take it in and leave it there." I've hauled off countless camping messes, but to do it properly would take a garbage scow. This weekend, there was a group camped in the middle of the road at the Forney entrance, complete with fire ring in the road-bed.

One way for the park to stretch thin resources would be to make better use of volunteer call-in's. I have cell service in many areas of the park now, and if the rangers were responsive to calls and tip-off's, and would make an example of the perpetrators, then perhaps we could gain some traction. Just finding the call-in number on the park's own web-site is nearly impossible. I believe it shows that they don't want us to call.
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