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FlySouth in Nashville carries the Freedom Hawk 12. It looks great and was designed to be able to mount a trolling motor in the center between the 2 pontoons...I think they sell them for $995. The 12 weighs about 50 pounds when you take the outriggers off and 72 lbs all together. The only negative I can see on it might be the extra drag you'd get because of the outriggers.

I have the Native Ultimate 12 (about 55 lbs) and its very stable but its still not something I'd feel comfortable standing up in to fly fish out of...I think it retails for about the same price as the Freedom Hawk. Its probably easier to paddle than the FH simply because it doesn't have any outriggers.

I guess in the end its how much you value being able to stand up and fish out of your craft.
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