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Originally Posted by Streamhound View Post
I have paid to visit the parks out west as I know many others have. Would this really be a solution?
All we would need to do is change federal policy but that is not a big task
I don't think it would be a fix it all solution. I think it would keep some of the bad apples away, but not all of them. If they will ignore the rules of fishing bait and licenses, they will ignore the pass rules as well.

Maybe we will catch more of them though and actually could get some kind of response from the park when we do report such problems.

I donate more to the park than a standard park pass out west and would be happy to continue to do the same and get a pass in hopes that someone who didn't care about the condition they leave the park in when they leave didn't visit the park.

I think it will never happen. Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville would make sure of that because it would have a large potential impact on their tourist dollars.
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