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Originally Posted by 4wt View Post
Me and the family are coming to the mountains this weekend and the wife wants to have a picnic at the Chimney Tops picnic area so i figured i just might get to slip in alittle fishing while I was there can anybody give me any advice for this area Ive never fished in the picnic area and this may be my only chance for the whole weekend since the whole family will be there with us.

You can fish upstream of the picnic area. As Jeff mentioned it's a rough area to fish, but it is a beautiful area. I have been fishing it since the mid-90's. Bows 5-9" are very common, brookies become more prevalent as you head upstream. IMO they're a minority on the WPLP. If you want to catch specs, I suggest heading upstream and fishing either Walker Camp Prong or Road Prong. A word of caution; you are entering the Gorge are of the WPLP just upstream of the Chimneys picnic area. It is very difficult to get out of the Gorge once you get in there. There is a place upstream where there is a dirt trail coming down from a large parking area on Newfound Gap Rd., but it may be hard to see unless there are some people around that area playing in the water.

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