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dayliffe there is a chapter in Dwight McCarter's book "Lost!" called 'Gone Fishin' you should get the book and read it very interesting. A 20 year old guy named Albert Hunt from Florida came up to the smokies to fish in late April 1981 and he was staying at smokemont when he was befriended by a couple of cousins i think from Georgia who were weren't the best all around fellows to be hanging with. All of them were fishing around smokemont and when the cousins saw he had cash in his wallet they told him they would take him to a good fishing spot on the TN side up Walker Camp prong. They basically took him a mile up from the last spot the stream crosses the road and you can imagine the rest. Don't want to give it all away here but it is pretty interesting how the crime was solved and what happened up Walker Camp prong there when all the details came out. I can say it involves several bears too in a pretty gruesome way. A great read.
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