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Default Remember the science of light refraction

Originally Posted by flydoc View Post
My buddy also did something we have been talking about for a while. He donned the mask and snorkel and did some underwater exploration. Very encouraging but disheartening at the same time. In one deep (8-10') pool he saw loads of trout, including a fat 18" rainbow suspended mid-pool. I'm glad to know they're actually in there (always question those fishing reports of multiple 20"+ trout in the park in a single day), but also frustrating as I've never caught a "big" trout in the park. Loads of average fish, but never one of the big boys. Now I've got something to work on.
Everything viewed underwater thru a scuba mask is 25% LARGER and 25%closer.....
Glad my wife missed that day of science classhehe
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